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"We didn't realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun."

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Station Street Tattoo Company

Welcome to the Station Street Tattoo Company, located on beautiful Vancouver Island in the City of Duncan, an hour from Victoria and Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Station Street Tattoo Company acknowledges that our little shop is located on the traditional lands and unceded territory of the Quw’utsun people. We are deeply grateful to live in this place and be a part of this community.


Established in 2009 and now solely owned and operated by Ruth Spohn, our mission at Station Street Tattoo is to provide you with quality and original tattoo work that will hold up well over time.

We pride ourselves in offering a comfortable, safe, and supportive atmosphere for anyone who enters our shop. We, as a group of professionals, listen, connect, and value our clients and their ideas.


From time to time, Station Street Tattoo Company welcomes talented guest artists from across the globe, and we love sharing our space with other gifted artists.

Whether you are a first-timer or this is your 100th tattoo; you can trust that the artists at Station Street Tattoo Company will make it a priority that you leave with a piece of art you can be proud of for life and that we will be proud to be associated with.

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About Me


Favourite movie: Benny & June

Most likely to: start a major craft project at 10pm

Favourite quote: Be the change you want to see

Future goals: to have my own gallery show

I own the Station Street Tattoo Company and love working with and beside my amazing team and the community. I am an emerging artist from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island who creates tattoos incorporating beautiful imagery, bright colours and expressive line work. 
I grew up with two artistic parents who explored different art mediums. I was exposed to drawing, painting, and ceramics early in life, holding their experiences with art close to my heart. Creative expression has always been integral to who I am, and I am filled with happiness in my daily routine of being able to work in an artistic environment and continue exploring my creativity.



Fave movie: Dark Crystal

Most likely to: Turn an awkward situation into a dance party

Favourite Quote: Life is a celebration, so dress for the occasion

Future goals: To spread as much joy as possible & attend The Gathering of the Juggalos 🤡

Raised in the Southern California sun, I returned to Canada, my place of birth, at the age of 20. Before finding my creative outlet through tattooing, I travelled the world as a professional model.


All of these experiences and the nature of the pacific northwest, which I now call home, are influences which can be felt in my designs. Being a person who embraces and celebrates my many facets, I work in multiple styles so I can give the wearer a tattoo in the style that suits them best.


I learned to tattoo in Vancouver and have been with Station Street Tattoo since I chose to relocate to Vancouver Island in 2015.  The warm embrace the Cowichan Valley has welcomed me with and the amazing clientele that has stuck with me throughout the years have made me feel like I have finally found a place to call home in Canada. 



Favourite movie: Back to the Future

Favourite Quote: Deal with it; I'm Dutch

Most Likely To: Call you out on your shit

Future Goals: To go Back to the Future

Born and raised in the Netherlands, where my tattooing life began. I was influenced by many talented artists in the region that I came from.


The beautiful nature of the west coast eventually called my name, and I made the move over to Canada. These past few years, my art and tattoos have been heavily influenced by Traditional, Neotraditional and Japanese styles.


In the future, I would love to give back to this industry, as it has given me so much in this life.

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